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Software Technologies LLC develops and provides unique programs and services. We strive for quality products at a reasonable price. Take a look at our divisions to learn more about what we do and the products we offer. We're always looking to develop new programs so contact us with any ideas for new or custom programs.

Latest Company News

  • Get your players and spectators engaged in the game with our trivia scoreboards.
  • Football Scoreboard Pro v2 now allows you to keep the Score Banner on top of other windows.
  • Basketball Scoreboard Pro v2 now includes keyboard shortcuts for home/visitor fouls -1 and TOL +1.
  • Futsal Scoreboard Pro v2 now has larger buttons and fields on the control screen and additional keyboard shortcuts for improved control of the scoreboard.
  • Team Scoreboard v2 now allows you to display a list of teams as they buzz in, show a picture when buzzing is allowed, and sequentially show one team's score at a time.

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